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Cherry Run Modeling features Cherry Run Decals which are created by motorsport artist Paul Aleman and are the result of his lifelong passion for auto racing. All decals are painstakingly researched to make them the most accurate sheets ever made. The artwork is either recreated or comes from the original, full size decals that have been collected throughout the years then sized perfectly to scale.

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History in the Making

Cherry Run Decals CR1674.jpg

Penske Matadors

When the 1974 Cup season began, Roger Penske choose veteran open wheel driver Gary Bettenhausen to pilot the newly designed, if not somewhat awkward looking, AMC Matadors. Bettenhausen, while being very experienced in the open wheel cars, was a rookie on most of the tracks that the Nascar big shots were used to running week in and week out, and with mediocre performance the team was not making the progress that Penske was expecting. Beginning with the 1974 Firecracker “400” Bettenhausen was replaced by veteran stock car ace, Bobby Allison. Allison brought with him not only experience, but his longtime sponsor, Coca-Cola. Not long after he joined the team, the Matador’s number changed to Allison’s usual number of “12.” In 1975, Allison returned to the Penske Matador with the number reverting back to “16.” Bobby won both races at Darlington that year and the team ran very well. The Cherry Run decal sheet represents the colorful Penske cars as raced by Bobby and Gary and are printed in Italy by Cartograf and are designed to be used on the AMT AMC Matador kits. Available Now!

Richard Petty Cherry Run Preview.jpg

Richard and Kyle Petty 1982

Cherry Run Decals - Petty Team 1982 - water slide decal sheet in 1/24 scale, printed in Italy by Cartograf and featuring all of the graphics to build as many of the options that the Petty team ran in the 1982 Winston Cup season that we could squeeze onto a sheet. As the ‘82 Cup season wore on, the strain of running a two car operation was weighing heavy on the once powerful Petty Enterprises team forcing them to look for other options to help finance the operation. One answer was to send young Kyle Petty to drive for the Hoss Ellington team in selected races and to bring in Ellington’s sponsor, UNO games, to share advertising space with Petty’s longtime sponsor, STP. Available Now!

Lennie Pond Cherry Run Preview.jpg

Cherry Run Decals - Lennie Pond 1978 - water slide decal sheet sized to fit the Salvinos JR models Oldsmobile and Monte Carlo kits, printed in Italy by Cartograf featuring the graphics to build the WIN Inc. cars raced by the Harry Ranier owned team during the 1978 season. Winston Cup favorite, Lennie Pond, snagged the only top tier win of his long career at the Talladega Superspeedway driving the WIN Olds. Pond also raced 1975 Chevy Monte Carlos during the 78 Cup season. Available Now!

Dave Marcis 1979 through 1980

Dave Marcis 1980 Daytona 500

Dave Marcis 1980 Daytona 500

Dave Marcis began the 1979 Winston Cup season driving his own cars as he had done so many times in the past. Alternating between a 1979 Chevy Impala and a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo, Dave was often sponsored by Shoney’s Big Boy. When Marcis arrived at Daytona for the 500 in 1980, he brought a beautifully prepared 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 sponsored by Buck Stove and Hudson Chevrolet. He continued to alternate between the Olds, Monte Carlo, and Impala during the 1980 season and drove his Monte Carlo in the last race for the long wheelbase cars in the 1981 season opening Winston Western 500. Coming Soon!

Ray Elder 1972 Golden State 400.jpg

 Ray Elder…

Years ago I worked in Fresno, California as the music director of a church. One of the deacons of that church was a man named Timm Crabtree and I worked with him for years before discovering that he had been the engine builder for Nascar Winston West driver Ray Elder. Needless to say that many Sundays while waiting to perform the offertory I would be listening to great stories of the muscle car era of Nascar racing and how the “racing farmers” from Caruthers California beat Nascar’s best, not once, but twice!

In 1971 the “farmers” won the very first race under the new “Winston” sponsorship deal for NASCAR by winning the Motor Trend “500” at Riverside International raceway. Then, in 1972, they came back and won the Golden State “400.” During the late 60s and the 1970s, Ray Elder competed in the west coast races of the Nascar Winston Cup circuit but also raced in the Daytona “500” on many occasions always running very competitively.

The new Cherry Run Decals Ray Elder sheet is printed in Italy by Cartograf for the very best in quality. COMING SOON!